How to marry a rich man.


Attracting a Rich Man

You are going to have to be fit, perfectly coiffed, nails done, teeth white, hips wide, and waistline tiny. Yes, just like the Regency novels we all love to hate. You might be tempted to resort to unhealthy tactics to whip yourself into shape. Surgeries to enhance your physical assets, though extremely tempting, are not in your best interest. Neither is unhealthy dieting or extreme exercise. Everything you do should be healthy and reasonable for you, not for some ideal non-existent Barbie doll somewhere.

Being wary of unhealthy tactics includes refraining from using sex as a means to get your man. Nothing puts you out of the running for marriage to a wealthy man faster than becoming some other man's mistress. Unless you are incredibly wise about investing any allowance you get from such a situation, you will have a few years at most of luxury before your beauty and charm fade and you are cast aside for a newer model. 

We don't resort to corsets these days, and our makeup is fragrance free and guaranteed not to have been tested on animals, but it takes a Diamond of the First Water to land a wealthy husband. What is that, you ask? Read on. 

When you think Diamond of the First Water, think Ivana Trump, Grace Kelly, or Jacqueline Kennedy. These women epitomized grace and beauty. By their beauty alone, they could have landed anyone, but it was their ability to set people at ease, to manage events, to network on behalf of their husbands that made them so valuable as marriage material.  

If you want a wealthy husband, you are going to have to be comfortable both in the spotlight and on the sidelines. There will be times when you will be thrust into the background while your husband is working through a deal or weathering a publicity storm. You will sometimes need to be your husband's off-board memory, discreetly whispering in his ear who the people approaching the pair of you are and why he should pay attention to them. Other times, you will have to be his shield maiden, deflecting attention to give him time to avoid someone who is making a nuisance of themselves, but always in such a way that they feel honored by your efforts, not insulted. When you marry a rich man, you never know when he will need to be on good terms with someone, so you will have to be on good terms with everyone at all times.  

You will need a thick skin. Yes, Virginia, people will call you a fortune hunter, a gold digger, and those are the kindest terms you will hear. You are going to have to know yourself very well, because you are not going to recognize yourself by what you read in the tabloids. And if you were not born to a certain amount of wealth to begin with, or are uncomfortable with wealth, you will face even more resistance and criticism.  

You will need to be circumspect, because you will learn a great deal about your man's holdings and business dealings, some of which could be turned against him if you are unwary. There will always be someone around befriending you simply for the purpose of getting your husband's ear or learning something that will help them bring his empire down.  

Still want to marry a rich husband? Good. That means we have sorted everyone out and now only the most determined and most sincere of you are still with me. Because here's the truth: It's not about us, girls, it's about our men. If we want that rich husband, we have to be everything they want and everything they need. It isn't going to happen if we stick to the idea that it is all about us, our wants, our needs. The men we are after are not stupid. They know what a huge draw their fortunes are, and they know the difference between fortune hunters and potential mates. There's a reason why so many wealthy men insist on prenuptial agreements.

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